Creating Clean Energy, Technology Jobs in Bronzeville

A group of Bronzeville tech savvy investors, businessmen, professors and researchers are bent on creating thousands of technology jobs in Bronzeville, as well as in the surrounding Southside area. The group intends to create, not Silicon Valley, but Lithium Valley, in the heart of the Southside. Ellington Ellis, one of the founding members of the Bronzeville Energy ┬áCollaborative (BEC), says the area is ripe for energy storage (Battery) research and development. With the great institutions being just a stone’s throw away, U of Chicago, IIT, Argonne National Laboratory, the local talent and the great entrepreneurship spirit, that has always been a part of Bronzeville since the great Migration, the area is prime to create advance manufacturing, and technology components.

We will create thousands of jobs over the next 5-10 years. In 2018 alone, we plan to locate a lithium-ion battery research and repurposing facility, creating over 300 jobs, says Ellis.

Along with the planned lithium facility, BEC is discussing with city and private citizens in exploring the creation of a smart city that will have, wireless electric vehicle charging stations, traffic sensors, Vehicle to infrastructure capabilities. The group sees Bronzeville as an epicenter of energy storage innovation. But more than creating and delivering smart products and service to Bronzeville, Ellis states that emphasis will be placed upon Biomimicry. Biomimicry is the belief that behind smart products and cities are smart people. It is not enough to have smart products and infrastructure, but the intelligent devices must mimic life, all life. No longer will Bronzeville be an extractive district where people come in to benefit from and not benefit for. We are a Citizenry of the present, developing the future for all its citizens. When Bronzeville slumbers, Chicago sleeps. Bronzeville has awaken, and Chicago is roaring. Here comes Bronzeville.

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