Bronzeville in Green


A new study confirms and highlights the need for Bronzeville becoming  a smart community. The authors of the new study point to a fundamental fact: America cities that engage smart technologies will greatly benefit its citizens.


An article written in the Curbed New Design states that U.S. cities can save billions with green, resilient design. “A financial case for green roofs, solar panels, and permeable pavement” – By Patrick Sisson

According to Sisson’s  article, the study  attest that changes that come from city-wide smart green technologies adoption would also provide more proportional benefits to citizens living in low-income areas.” The article outlines that “due to lack of trees and greenery, and the higher likelihood of living in or near areas covered in dark, impervious surfaces, these residents suffer more from summer heat, air pollution, respiratory illness, heat stress, and high health costs than the population at large. 

A previous study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that, in U.S. cities, African Americans and Hispanics are 51 percent and 21 percent more likely, respectively, to live in high heat risk urban areas than non-Hispanic white Americans.”

Read the full article:  “U.S. cities can save billions with green, resilient design, says report.”



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  1. It is imperative that cities pay attention to this and begin building and operating more sustainably. Work at the city government level to address these issues as well giving incentives for those building and utilizing sustainable energy systems needs to begin immediately. Smart communities within smart cities, will change how we live for the better buy creating a thriving, healthy environment.

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