Batteries from Electrical Vehicles to be reused in utility grids, business and homes in Bronzeville

Tesla is not the only “Powerwall” in Town.

ECM working in conjunction with the Bronzeville Energy Collaborative, Grand Valley State University, Global Battery Solutions (GBS), Navitas Advanced Solutions Group, and with the support of a Department of Transportation Grant, intends to create an epicenter of “Energy Storage Products” utilizing repurposed batteries from Electric Vehicles.

Lithium-ion batteries are high performance energy storage devices, whose use will continue to expand with the electrification of the global passenger and commercial vehicle fleets. A fundamental question is what to do with such batteries after their performance has degraded to the point where they are no longer capable of servicing their original vehicular applications. A used vehicle battery may still be able to store 75% of the original energy content, and able to charge and discharge at 50% of the original rate. As such, a used battery potentially retains both economic and practical use that can be utilized or reclaimed through repurposing activities.

GBS will utilize scalable battery modules described above, a scalable packaging strategy, and a scalable BMS design and manufacturing process are the missing links necessary to establish a robust repurposed and second-life lithium-ion battery supply chain. The modular and scalable approach will also allow GBS to serve markets outside of the transportation industry improving economies of scale. Reduction of development costs will significantly alter the return on investment models and open new markets for refurbished lithium batteries.

Tesla Powerwall

GBS has established a sustainable supply of end-of-first-life lithium ion batteries and developed a process that qualifies battery cells for a second life applications. Navitas Advanced Solutions Group is a leading developer of turn-key lithium-ion battery systems and currently serves customers in government, military, and commercial market sectors around the world. The project team’s combined knowledge and capabilities provide all the necessary components to establish a turnkey operation capable of repurposing lithium ion batteries into second life energy storage products.

The Link below gives a background on the foundation of the proposed Bronzeville Energy Storage Model. Ellington Ellis of GBS participated in the NYSERDA Study:

“The work described in the Mineta report was sponsored by the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium and the U.S. DOT Research Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) with matching funds provided by Grand Valley State University (GVSU). This sponsorship is gratefully acknowledged.

Sybesma’s Electronics of Holland, Michigan, participated as a full partner. This work would not have been possible without the support and personal involvement of Hank Sybesma, President of Sybesma’s Electronics. MNRTC Report ~ 2014

-Bronzeveille Energy Collaborative

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  1. Great article which highlights not only the importance of this work, but of the incredible things that can be accomplished through collaboration of passionate people.

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