Global Battery Solutions Meets IBEW/NECA


On May 22, 2018 Global Battery Solutions was invited to tour and present its company to the IBEW/NCEA Technical Institute officials and members.

The facility provides hands-on experience that encompasses all aspects of renewable energy, from wind to solar, electric vehicle charging, battery storage, and a variety of techniques for managing and exchanging power with the electrical utility grid.

The Bronzeville Energy Collaborative salutes Local 134/IBEW for “stepping forward into the future of Green Energy and Technology”

Written by Ellington Ellis; Co-founder and managing partner of Global Battery Solutions.

“Thanks for attending the Global Battery Solutions presentation, discussion and tour of the IBEW/NECA Technical Institute in Alsip, Illinois yesterday.”

~John Bzdawka; International Representative/Business Development

Please see the Video below highlighting IBEW.


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