One Big Step for Mankind ~ Energy Storage Ruling


With the passing of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) order 841, it was one small step for energy storage, and one big leap for renewables. Regulators seek to remove barriers to electric grid storage.

According to a recent article in Electric Light and Power, “As the demand for renewable energy increases, and the patterns for supply and demand change, smart digital substations are beginning to be implemented. Electricity transmission and distribution network operators are preparing to equip power substations with digital control and communication carried by fiber optic networks. This will allow faster communication, enhanced safety and more.
It’s important while implementing digital primary and secondary substation equipment to consider the essential role of the backup battery.
Battery systems can be found in every substation and can provide minutes to hours of backup power during a power outage. They can provide power for switchgear to change the configuration of the network, help isolate lines and clear faults before power can be restored safely. They also can power communication and control equipment, which is fast becoming more important in smart digital substations.
By adopting a battery technology that is compatible with digital control and communication, operators can better integrate their essential backup.” ~

Read the FERC order here.

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